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Lying far to the north of the area we know as the Mountain Passes, the Foothills are home to the fiercer breeds of Wendecka, such as Day, Dusk, Dawn, and Midnight Wendecka. Occasionally, even larger and more dangerous variations of these primates can be found here. These wilder, tougher wendecka are extremely common here, and they make traversing the many caves and passes of the Foothills a perilous task. In addition, the Foothills are often clogged with massive flocks of Bloodhawks. One must travel through the Foothills to reach the Ash Valley.

These Foothills rise between the Orga Outback and the area nicknamed Dredwood. To reach the Foothills, one must travel through Dred Passage. At the northern mouth of the Foothills, plans for the stolen catapult were discovered.

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