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Despite its name, Dredwood is not a forest. It is a valley set deep in the Foothills, sparsely populated by trees. It makes up for its lack of trees by the immense quantity of Orga that call it home, including the fearsome Dredlock for which it, like Dred Passage before it, was named.

Dredwood houses one of the more interesting Orga defenses a barricade of fallen and snapped-off wood behind which lightning-throwing Orga situate themselves. It is possible to run around this barricade, or even to hop over it, but running around gives the Warlocks, Hemlocks, and Dredlocks more time to weave their lightning. Hopping over the barricade requires the keen eye of a pathfinder and the ability to fight out of the significant Orga proliferation in which the hopper will find themselves. Just beyond the barricade is a waterfall that marks the entrances of the Malachite Caves.

The Redwood Grove is a secluded nook in the western Dredwood, in which fearsome varieties of Tree Giants breed. Ironwoods, Redwoods, and Ash Giants live here in harmony with the Spriggins and Foxweirs. They value this peaceful existence, and will go to great lengths to preserve the quiet. Uli Flowers can be found in the meadow of vibrantly-colored flowers that grow here.

Camp Dred connects Dredwood to the Foothills. It is a section of the Dredwood which the Orga do not roam or defend as much, and which is notable both for this somewhat less-dangerous disposition and for the vast body of vermine that call it home. It was once known as Kiriel's Valley (for Kiriel D'Sol who was the first non-PMF member to open the path), but this name has fallen from popular use. On the west edge of Camp Dred is the cavern entrance to the Foothills. At the time of writing, it is the semi-permanent home of the purple portal.

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