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Portal is a loosely used concept which involves movement of a physical being from one location to another through some sort of gateway. Portals can come in varying forms and can be made out of almost anything. Some of the more common occurances of portals around Puddleby include mirrors and energy vortices.

Mirrors are apparently permanent gates between two physical locations (although an inactive mirror is present within the Women's hut in North Farms), while energy vortices are much more transient in nature.

The Dark Cloud hanging over Puddleby Island has two mirrors that are linked to stable mirror portals of unknown nature. These mirror portals function as movable exits for the Cloud Mirrors, as well as allowing portal-to-portal transport.

Ethereal Portal Stones used by skilled beings can create a temporary energy vortex that allows physical beings to pass one-way between our normal material plane and the Ethereal Plane or visa versa. Similar two-way portals can be stabilized in select locations by Kyuems, and the Brion brothers have made extensive use of these to link their various keeps to the Ethereal Plane, as did Puddleby's mystics during the Ethereal incursions in Years 569-571 of the Ascendancy.

The riptures which formed in Puddleby around the Year 533 are said to have acted like portals. However, these energy vortices had no bounds and nearly engulfed our world in darkness.

The Ghorak Zo are said to have arrived into our universe through a portal which Dwarven mystics accidently openned.

Dark Temple on Ash Island is also an example of a portal, and forms a stable link to the Astral Plane.

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