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Ghorak Zo, also known as Drakh Nor, are the largest and the most aggressive of the races. Their strong warrior tradition sneers at mysticism and defense, believing that the best way to deal with an enemy is to kill it before it kills you.

They first appeared on the Western Continent only 300 years ago. An entire army of them emerged from the Sword of the World mountains to wage war on Ascendancy. Their success was cut short only by Emperor Mobius' indestructible army of Dark Sentinels.

Stories say that the Zo used magical gates, long thought to be destroyed, to come to this continent. Mobius tried to locate these gates so that he might use them for his own purposes, but the retreating Ghorak Zo destroyed them. The Emperor then charged the Zo remaining on the continent with the defense of the Ascendancy. Since then, they have acted as an addition to the Ascendancy forces. The Human city of Mountains Reach was given to the Ghorak Zo by the Emperor for them to make their home in--the humans protested angrily, but were forced to bow to the will of the Ascendancy.

Zo average around seven feet tall, and have brown leathery skin and dark hair. Their great strength and agility makes them a match for any of the races in combat.

Some Zo maintain that the Ghorak Zo are merely a foot battalion of the original Zo army consisting primarily of Zo from the nation-state of Ghorak, and that this explains the tendency of Zo in Shan Deral to excel at fighting while being less skilled at healing or mysticism. These Zo further maintain that the Zo civilization is actually far more magically and technologically advanced than generally believed. The lack of contact between Shan Deral and the Zo Homeland? makes it very difficult to draw any conclusions as to the accuracy of these assertions.

Note: The plural of "Zo" is "Zo," though they are often mockingly refered to as "Zoo."

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