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The Western Continent is the common name for Shan Deral, the domain of the Emperor Mobius, and the home of the majority of the known races. It is located due west of Puddleby, and is separated from Lok'Groton by a deadly reef known as the Serpents Claws.

The earliest known settlements of the Western Continent have been dated to around the year 2000 B.A. (Before Ascendancy), but the majority of its inhabitants arrived around 1500 B.A., fleeing some unknown cataclysm that took place on the Eastern Continent.

The Western Continent is roughly divided into six regions, which are for the most part divided by race. The only race that does not inhabit a significant portion of Shan Deral is the Ghorak Zo, who arrived late on the continent.

In what is now known as year 1 of the Ascendancy, the Emperor Mobius conquered all of the differing races, creating one continent spanning Empire.

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