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The Drakh Nor is a very proud and very strong race. With their huge size and strength they are born fighters. From early childhood on they learn how to fight with different weapons, practice their strength and endurance and learn how to maintain their weapons. Rumours say, that they love their weapons more than their partners. Most other races think of the Drakh Nor as a very strong but not very intelligent race. They are always looking for adventures. They love to explore the lands, but not to find new regions or secrets, but to find unknown dangers. If a group of hunters gets into trouble, it is normally very good if they have at least one Nor among them. The problem of inviting Nors to a hunt is, that they are mostly the reason why the group gets into that danger.

  • People of the sun: A very proud Nor culture which normally live in very hot desert areas. Thy love colourful clothes and houses and are known to be great artists (well, as long as you don't ask the other races about the quality of their art).
  • People of the stone: These Nors normally live in the higher plains of the mountains. They love cold areas. There are very good relationships to the Urdar. In exchange for the famous Urdar weapons, the people of the stone will help the Urdar in all things that require larger bodies than the Urdar have.
  • People of the Axe: While the other Nor cultures prefer to live in larger clans and in special terrains, the people of the axe mostly live alone and are spread over large parts of the world. They are larger and stronger than other Nors and are well know for their excellent fighting abilities.
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