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An Orga Hemlock is similar to a Warlock, but has a few notable distinguishing points. In appearance, its skin is of a blueish shade (similar to an Anger), and it wears the same brown sash as a Warlock.

The lightning it casts is quite a bit more dangerous than that of the Warlock. Unlike Warlock lightning, Hemlocks can cast bolts of chain-lightning that will bounce from the exile nearest them to any in close proximity. They fire this lightning quite frequently, and it causes no small amount of damage. Hemlocks are fairly common in Hatreds Hollow and beyond.

Hemlocks are known to carry around a fair amount of coins, and after slaying one it is not uncommon to find the characteristic eye of all Orga laying detached near the body, ready to be collected for its unusual properties.

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Page last modified on March 12, 2009, at 10:35 AM