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Esentially a more highly-charged rendition of Hatreds Hollow, Dred Passage is a one-way entrance from the taproot cavern (accessible from the Orga Outback) to the Foothills. Large Death Vermine, Dredlocks, and other large Orga are common here.

There is a bed of flowers where Uli flowers can sometimes be found here, despite the highly saturated population of orgas stomping about. It is the only known route from the Outback to the Foothills.

Dred Passage was first discovered and travelled-through by the Pogue Mahone, and was only discovered by the rest of the populace after Gurgi set a large reward for the finders. Those who discovered it created the Dred Passage Discovery Foundation, which agreed to use the prize money for newbie sunstones.

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