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Sunstones are magical communication devices used in Lok'groton. By wearing them on one's forehead and concentrating, exiles can communicate across great distances. Sunstones can be used either to communicate directly with a specific exile, or to broadcast one's thoughts openly, so that anyone with a sunstone can hear them.

Sunstones wear down with use (listening does not cause any wear), and can be tuned by full mystics trained in Sunstone Tuning. Mentus training is said to aid against sunstone wear. If a sunstone maintenance is neglected for too long, the sunstone may eventually crack. Cracked sunstones cannot be tuned.

Sunstones can either be purchased from Elendil Fa'ril, who can usually be found in a tree in the Meadow, or in the South Farms, or from a full Mystic trained in sunstone tuning. Prices for sunstones fluctuate with demand, but they can usually purchased for around 500-850 coins from Elendil, or somewhat cheaper from one of his exile counterparts.

Raw sunstones can also occasionally be found in the wild, and these can be tuned by mystics for regular use. Legend tells that these are Spirit Lord eggs.

Sunstones can also be tuned into Suncrystals and Sungems. A Suncrystal allows an exile to communicate easily with members of their clan. A Sungem allows an exile to easily communicate with a group of up to five exiles.

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