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A member of the highest level of the Mystics Guild (so far as exiles can tell). Their official title is simply "Mystic", but they are often called full mystics, to distinguish them from other classes of mystics. Within the Guild, they are referred to as "Ma'ta", which is an ancient mystic honorific.

Full mystics possess a number of abilities that apprentices and journeymen lack, including teleporting, and sunstone tuning.

Because of their tendency for secrecy, and the political nature of the Mystic Guild, some exiles view full Mystics with a degree of suspicion (see sketch below).

Some full mystics include: Aki, Ansset, Asenath, Behr, Brisk, Callia, Diotima, Drablak, Fanan, Feodoric, Hawkthorn, Hepta, K'vynn, Leonin, Lily Fren, Lundar, Malkor, Math, Melben, Muwe, Raldin, Rincewind, Robin Greyhawk, Sutai, Trymon, Valtrim, Wangah Rah, Whirl wind, Xel, and Zorton.

What typical Full Mystics spend most of their time doing: inventing new parlor tricks to win over the more simple exiles, stealing their coins and experience while contributing nothing to the community itself.

Portrait by Daimoth

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