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Sunstone tuning is a craft practiced by full mystics. In sunstone tuning, a mystic uses copper coins to create a simulacrum around a sunstone, imbuing it with the energy of the Sun. Mystics can use this skill to tune worn or raw sunstones, or upgrade sunstones to suncrystals and sungems.

Because of the copper involved in tuning a sunstone, mystics usually charge 200-400 coins for the service, depending on their level of training. The wandering mystic Stuenora also tunes sunstones, for a generally much more exorbitant fee.

Mystics once banded together to form the Sunstone Tuners Guild to defray the costs of tuning stones, but the guild has grown largely inactive.

As a result of this skill, Mystics who tune can often sell new stones for a considerable amount less than the merchant Elendil Fa'ril, given a supply of raw sunstones to work with.

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