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Aki has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Mystic, and is wearing the symbol of Pogue Mahone.

Aki (whose full name is Al Kuun Iende) was the first Full Mystic of the current generation of mystics, and was once one of the most recognizable names within the Mystic Guild.

Before joining the secretive Pogue Mahone, Aki was a member of the Puddlebean Ornithological Society, and along with Sutai, was responsible for the events which led to the unleashing of the Fenix which burned down half of Puddleby.

Aki claims to be one of the Juxtaposed, a rare race which myth says were formed from the admixture of the Sun and Moon.

Some rumors say that Aki is the Overlord of the Mystic Council, and though he is rarely seen these days, some believe he still controls events from the shadows.

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