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The Puddlebean Ornithological Society (POS for short) is a clan formed by some of the older exiles of Puddleby. However, the POS does not call itself a clan (which are technically illegal), instead terming itself as a birdwatching "society."

The clan is organized relatively simply, and clan members fall into two categories: Fellows, who are the rank and file of the clan, and Peers, who form the Ruling Council of Peers.

The stated goal of the POS is to "Promote the study and enjoyment of birds among interested citizens of the Lok'groton Islands," and they have conducted some studies of the birds of Lok'Groton; they provide a handy bird guide on their webscrolls.

Some members of the Puddlebean Ornithological Society are Sutai, Gurgi, Elenis Reyav, Azriel, Secrid, Luther, and Veer.

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