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Two series of caverns beneath the rocky footpaths and peaks of the Foothills, in which terribly fierce Arachnoids lurk. The Slate Caves can only be opened by a highly skilled pathfinder, through apparently-obstructed tunnels in the Foothills. These caverns are darker and more dangerous than the Pitch Caves, and are even thicker with Arachnoids. In some areas of these caves, the sticky webs are so thick underfoot that they never disintegrate; these thick web strata provide a sticky surface that travellers may only traverse with difficulty.

Though referred to separately, the Slate caverns are actually a subset of the deeper section of the Pitch Caves, since PAG found these caves to be linked. The primary distinguishing factor between the Pitch and Slates Caves is the presence of Slate Arachnoids in the latter grey-blue Arachnoids that sling painful webs at an unprecedented speed. Otherwise, the population and surroundings are quite similar. Grey and black veins of rock form cavern walls, water trickles into stagnant pools, and small patches of mushrooms grow.

The insistent and constant thump of Orga drums has been heard throbbing through the rock above the most distant reach of the Slate Caves, where a ladder leads towards the surface. While it was once blocked by a crumbling lid, it is now passable and leads to the back of the Orga Stronghold.

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