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Arachnoids are a family of Arachnid common to the Lok'Groton Islands. There are many species, each named by the color of their carapace all are extremely hostile. They are roughly classified into two groups: Advanced and 'Normal' Arachnoids. Advanced Arachnoids are found only beyond the Foothills except in the case of an invasion. They have collaborated with the Orga on occasion, and in one invasion an Orga Schizoid with the web-throwing capabilities of an Arachnoid was encountered.

Arachnoid teeth have a value to collectors and traders and can be extracted for coin by those with dentistry skill, which is trained by Dentir Longtooth. Evidence suggestions that some of the Arachnoids may be sentient perhaps even quite bright by exile standards.

Arachnoids defend their caverns with ferocity, and are also known to invade Puddleby on a fairly regular basis. Some of the advanced Arachnoids (and Emeralds as well) can throw sticky, painful webs. Arachnoids found in the caverns below the Foothills are known to throw exiles and even other Arachnoids if they are in their way. They are wily and to be approached very warily.

There are quite a few varieties of Arachnoid:

Web-throwing Arachnoids:

Editor's Note: Black Widows are a species of Arachnid, carrying themselves in the low-slung manner typical to Arachne and not displayed by Arachnoids. Related Links:

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