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A high level exploration group formed by Fundin, and led by Yor and CJ Parker with help from many other skilled exiles. The Pitch Assault Group (PAG for short) was formed with the specific intent of exploring the Arachnoid caverns located deep in the Foothills. The group includes many of Puddleby's toughest Fighters and Healers, as well as most of its Mystics, as the group depends on teleportation to delve deep into the Pitch Caves. The group meets once every zodiac to venture deeper into the eastern reaches of the island in search of the secrets hidden by the Arachnoids and by the Orga. They also meet for impromptu hunts and missions.

Since being formed, the group found a long-lost pathfinding book Giayl's Guide to Hidden Ways that opened a way into the Slate Caves (SC), as well as training books for other skills.

Recently they found a back door into the Orga Stronghold through the Slate Caves.

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