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In gloomy depths far below the faintest hint of daylight, web-strewn caverns are carved from rock of black and grey. Mushrooms grow, and at some points water has seeped down from the surface far above. Here, in the deepest of depths, incredibly fierce breeds of Arachnoid lurk and fiercely guard their hollows. From whence these spiders came is unknown, but it is safely said that no other beast gives them contest for these unlit lairs. Only exiles dare.

Legendary pathfinders once passed through these caves, and left behind as their mark great libraries, now ruined. Within hide treatises on pathfinding and rare books untold, they lie scattered and torn.

These Arachnoids Crimson, Albino, and Pitch studied the books in earnest, cleverly learning and adapting to find paths even where one cannot see. Lesser Arachnoids of these caverns watch them and in turn learn some of the techniques here employed.

Cunning, wickedly intelligent Arachnoids of the deep chambers will tug exiles about in order to attack the prey of their choice. Their sharp mandibles are adapted for slinging painful sticky webs which ensare and slowly trap those caught within.

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