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Ethereal Amulets are devices used primarily for measuring levels of ether. This was their first known use. They are quite fragile, and even in the hands of a trained mystic will often break. The readings from them still have debatable meanings, with results of an ether measurement ranging from dangerously low to dangerously high. However, consecutive readings on the same snell may result in both very high and low readings.

They were first provided to exiles by Tenebrion via a Sarir, in exchange for Ethereal Swords. This sarir (named Sorer) was found in Tenebrion's Keep for a long time, but eventually vanished along with Tenebrion and the rest of his servants. Now they must be constructed in the Ethereal Forge by an appropriately trained mystic. The ingredients required are an ethercle and a piece of iron.

Other uses for the amulets include passing ethereal barriers in the Ethereal Plane, detecting drastic changes in ether resulting from ethereal invasions or portal openings, and it has been suggested that they have the potential to detect the number of clouds of ether on a snell as well as eliminating these clouds though this is a much less valuable service than it once would have been, due to the constantly increasing strength of exiles.

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