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A towering and mostly deserted castle located in the heart of Tenebrion's Island. The keep is similar in structure to the keeps of the other Brion Brothers, and has a central tower infested with undine. The keep also has an extensive underground area, and a zodiac maze which leads to the Ethereal Plane. To enter the castle grounds, one must pass through Flander's poppy field, or one can use a pass key to enter the castle unmolested.

The keep once belonged to the wizard Tenebrion (from which it takes its name), but following Tenebrion's amnesia and subsequent "recovery", he gave the deed to the keep to the exile Phineas, in the year 555. At that time, the other Brion brothers sealed the entrance from the this keep conference room to the conference circle in the EtherealPlane.

Phineas understood the deed to mean that he had been given control over the entire island, and unilaterally declared himself the ruler of the Tenebrion's Island, renaming it Phineas Island. This understandably angered Tenebrion's former guards, and sparked a major Rebel Uprising which overran Puddleby for several days.

These days, the keep lies mostly unused, and is infested with arachne.

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