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On Day 56 of the Year 548, Tenebrion was found severely injured in the Ruby sector of the first sphere of the Ethereal Plane. A party was able to rescue Tenebrion and bring him to his keep, but even after 7 healing potions, exiles were unable to raise him.

During the time that he was fallen, Tenebrion spoke in a strange code, which a number of exiles were able to translate (see below). He appeared to be in a state of coma, but spoke of some uncontrollable force in the Ethereal Plane.

After much debate, exiles figured that the only way to revive Tenebrion would be to take him to Purgatory. Tenebrion was first taken to town, where he was made to touch the main altar. Then, Klur? organized an expedition to the Ethereal Plane, through which Tenebrion was taken to Purgatory.

Dozens of Puddleby's finest healers gathered in Purgatory, and through their combined efforts, Tenebrion was successfully raised. However, Tenebrion apparently suffered from some form of amnesia, and could not even remember his own name.

Tenebrion rested in Puddleby for several days, before he was returned to the care of his Brothers.

Tenebrion eventually recovered his memory, though he still retained physical and mental scars from the incident.

Tenebrion's utterances, translated by Callia and Luminary, with some corrections by Feodoric

In the Common tongue:
"uncontrollable ethereal force"
"opening to third sphere"
"no longer controllable"
"too powerful"
"must warn them"
"help me"
"could not control it"
In "Brion Cipher":
gcwl jx - "father"
ujlwy ot moket rf - "this time father"
juda mky - "I saw her"
nqv x gk hccsqg y cuxv jl cnp bpr - "most beautiful of her sisters"
naev njl - "my bride"
tjh mx spvnljn vfi xiaz bo - "she is mine by birthright"
tv dvx npv ncsqeos yrl xm - "star shine she radiates"

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