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The guards hired by Tenebrion, Melabrion, Umbrion, and Cimmbrion to protect their keeps are generally an illiterate and unwashed lot. They're given only token pay and cheap tin armor, but of eager young men there seems to be an unlimited supply (which is necessary to fill the ranks of those killed by raiding exiles). The rebel factions of the guard resulted from Tenebrion giving the deed to his keep to notorious pauper Phineas rather than the leader of the guard, Issimo, who felt he deserved it. The Guard Rebellion? eventually surged as far forward as Puddleby, but was pushed back and defeated entirely after a very brief run in which they controlled Puddleby town. Their only legacy is the tall walls constructed on the east, west, and south beaches of what was formerly Tenebrion's Island.

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