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Tenebrion's Isle is a small island due north-west of Puddleby. The name of the island comes from the fact that it is the location of Tenebrion's Keep, though Tenebrion has never claimed dominion of the isle itself.

The island is mostly composed of forests, criss-crossed by shallow rivers. One can find many varieties of vermine on the isle, as well as island panthers. The beaches are the home to giant crawlers and rockodiles. Near the keep, located towards the center of the isle, one can find all manner of Undine. There is also a desert in the north-east corner of the isle, inhabited by sand wurms.

The name of the island has recently come into dispute, following Tenebrion's amnesia and subsequent ceding of his keep to Phineas, who now claims dominion over the entire isle. His claim is contested by the pirate Stinkfist, who claims the isle for himself, as well as the two bards Sareth and Xepel, who call the island "People's Haven In Nirvana - Sareth's Uprising and Xepel's Sanctuary," or "PHIN-SUX" for short.

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