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Sareth is a sylvan fighter and bard known for his incredible (some would say dreaded) ability to pun. With his high degree of training in pathfinding and skinning, he can often be found hunting alone throughout the isles. He and Aldernon often refer to one another as cousins, though the exact relationship is unclear.

Sareth has a tendency to disappear for long periods of time, with never an explanation as to his whereabouts. The longest disappearance lasted over twenty years. Reluctant to discuss his past, some wonder if these disappearances are linked to the morose dark side he tries to hide under a layer of seeming inability to take anything serious.

For a while he had an on again/off again relationship with Ayella. However, since his latest return he seems a bit *too* single, seeming to flirt with anything female he comes across.

At one time he was a member of clan Rising Claw but left quietly. These days he is most closely associated with PMF, but the loner that is Sareth often seems distant with even that proto-clan.

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