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Rising Claw is a clan founded on the teachings of Chil'tak, a famed scholar and leader of the Fen'Neko. The clan's goals are to gain in strength and knowledge, help other exiles, and aid in the eventual overthrow of Emperor Mobius.

The clan is led by the Council of the Claw, a group of seven Rising Claw members who serve as the leaders of the clan. The clan is active in the lands, and participates in the Dun'ilsar competition, as well as artistic and cultural pursuits. It is a member clan of the Castle Alliance.

The clan symbol of Rising Claw is the upraised claw Chil'tak, reaching for the Sun.

Active members of Rising Claw include Chrono, Foxx, Fyn d'Evon Rhay, Ghrr, Miug, and Piwacket.

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