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Foxx has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of Rising Claw.

Foxx was exiled for many different reasons: resisting arrest, refusing to cooperate with the Ascendancy, and for leading an uprising against it. He was tortured immensely before being exiled: being force fed various toxins, poisons, and elixirs; stripping him of his powers, and transforming him into a fox.

But even as a fox, he fought back. He learned the composition of the things he was fed, and sought an antidote to reverse the effects. He succeeded in producing one, and began consuming it in small portions, to ensure the guards suspected nothing. He managed to restore his lost voice, the ability to stand, and increase his size. But the antidote did have one nasty side-effect: he aged, immensely.

With age comes wisdom, and forgetfulness, and he soon could no longer remember the formula of the antidote, but it did not matter, for he was exiled soon afterwards.

And so Foxx came to Puddleby, with real fox fur, claws, fangs, form, and his ever-growing wisdom.

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