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Melabrion's Keep is located within the the northeastern mountain passes of Gungla Island. This section of the island is generally referred to as Melabrion's Island because of his dominant presence here and because the passes can be reached only by sea from the Northeast, as they are inaccessible from the rest of Gungla Island.

The small castle follows a plan similar to that of all of the known 'brion brothers castles.

This castle is in a pitious state of disrepair. The ceiling of the ground floor is falling apart in great chunks and is hazardous to any beneath it. The second floor is infested with Arachne and occasionally Purple Arachnoids as well. Mud Golems and Guards patrol both floors as well as the battlements, throwing mudballs and small rocks at any intruders.

The central tower houses several craftspeople as well as Melabrion's library, which mostly concerns minerals and gems.

From the ground floor of Melabrion's Keep, one can go down the Southeast stairs to his Conference Room and Mines, or down the Northwest stairs to his zodiac maze.

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