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The isle located furthest northwest in the Lok'Groton Island Chain. Exiles initially discovered how to land on the northeastern coast of the island, which is the location of the keep of Melabrion, hence the name of the isle. The section known as Melabrion's Island is comprised of rocky passes that house creatures such as Young Sasquatch, Valley Cougars, Valley Panthers, Stinging Beetles, and occasionally Angry Mother Sasquatches. A wide variety of Wendecka may also be found here.

In the year 552, following a series of earthquakes, exiles discovered that they could also land on the south coast of the isle, which led to a much larger area. They found the new lands inhabited by primitive villagers, who called the isle Gungla Island.

Now, exiles generally use the term "Melabrion's Isle"(or MI for short) to refer to the northeastern entrance and passes of the isle, while referring to the southern portion of the isle as "Gungla." Melabrion's portion of the island has extensive mines beneath it, which include passages dug into the tunnels of the Tok'Hans.

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