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Sasquatches are gigantic apes that are relatives of the wendecka, but much larger and nastier. The most dangerous of the Sasquatch are the adult females, which can grow to several times the height of a Ghorak Zo and become incredibly aggressive when defending their breeding grounds and young.

In addition to having tough skin, thick fur (which is nearly impervious to sword blades), and the strength of a Scarmis Eunuch, Angry Mother Sasquatches can throw large boulders which can crush exiles in a single blow. Despite or likely because of the obvious danger, Angry Mother Sasquatches are popular targets for high level hunters because of the challenge and because of their valuable fur.

Angry Mother Sasquatches are found mainly on Melabrion's Isle, the Valley, and on the mesa at the exit of the Land of Sarra.

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