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A dense, lush, boggy jungle, the land of Sarra is a wilderness ensconced by mountains. Central to this jungle is a lake, fed by a river flowing from the west.

Sarra's name comes from a story told by a local scholar, Kah'los'Kholoran? of the Khororan village. The story tells of a wondrous and beautiful lady, Sarra, who endeared herself to all she knew. She lived on a plain, quite likely in the region now thicketed by jungle. When the day came that she died, Kah'los tells us that the very land wept and created the mountains to protect her. The large adult Plesio'don swimming in Sarra's lake is said by some to be the spirit of the lady Sarra herself.

There are two passages through these mountains from outside. The first is a path through a waterfall of great force and mist by which an unwavering rainbow can ever be seen. The second, through an illusion betwixt the mountains bordering the southern marshes of Gungla Island. Though the path leads directly into the jungle, the illusion leads to a safe, dry cave that is the only place of respite within Sarra.

Sarra is home to many unusual and mighty beasts, including those strongest of the Wyrm family, and the smallest but most common member of the Drake family. Most creatures native to Sarra have defensive ability beyond their claws, including acid, spiritual poison, and the more mundane varieties of venom made well-known by the snakes of Kizmia's Island.

Sarra's natural jungle is thick with natural magic, and because of this tightly-woven haze of thaumic power, many exile magics do not work properly or even at all. Purgatory pendants and ethereal portal stones are just two victims of this magical saturation, and because of this, the only exit from Sarra is through the mountains to the east. There are many paths through the jungle, some leading back on themselves.

Sarra's large ferns create a maze-like series of passages through the southern and eastern stretches, and in these same areas, Starflowers? are found growing. Though these verdant flora are typical of a lowland, Sarra is actually quite high in elevation, and the perilous exit through the mountains illustrates this neatly. Steeply sloping gravel leads through a Sasquatch nursery. As the young attack those who enter their nursery, their mothers gather on a mesa above and throw boulders down against those who endanger their children. On the way down the mountain pass, the danger becomes less and the way is clogged more with Wendecka than their larger relatives. The final step in leaving Sarra is a bold dive from a cliff, which typically ends in a bloody sprawl on the sands of Gungla's deep desert.

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