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The name given to Melabrion's Island by the native villagers. "Gungla" is usually used by exiles to refer to the main part of the island accessed via the rocky southern beach landing, from which the northeastern passes housing Melabrion's Keep cannot be reached.

It is an island of deep forests, dry savannah, boggy flats and murky marshes. It has been suggested that "gungla" may mean snake in the native tongue, since nearly all known varieties of snake can be found here in abundance. The Gungla desert is the only known abode of fearsome Lesser Sand Wurms and reclusive Earth Wyrms, and Baby Plesio'dons can occasionally be seen in the Marsh.

Four distinct villages are found here, separated by rivers that appear to the naked eye to be impassable: the fishing village of Khororan, the village and mine of Brimora, the hidden Sul'ran? temple, and the settlement of the hostile Gan Vara. The illusionist wizard Colmert also has a castle nestled deep within the woods.

A steep mountain range encircles the land of Sarra, a lush jungle wilderness nestled between desert and marsh that is home to a number of unique species.

Often abbreviated "GI".

See Map Below.

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