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Strongest of the wyrms to be encountered outside The Land of Sarra, the earth-wyrm is a heavily-armoured creature, covered in thick brown plates and bony defensive ridges. Though the basic anatomy is similar to other allosaurid, the creatur'es boney armor plates cover it's normally exposed belly, and makes the Earth Wyrm much more difficult to attack.

Only found in a desert cave on Gungla Island, it is possible that earth-wyrms are part of the defense prepared for the land of Sarra by the earth in its mourning, as told by Kah'los'Kholoran? the storyteller. Earth-wyrms bite much harder than a sun-wyrm, and are very difficult to strike.

They are not easily defended against, particularly as they cannot be lured from their cavernous home to take full advantage of the local terrain. Earth-wyrms are found in packs, and so are rarely alone. It is rumored that they are smart enough to co-ordinate their attacks and must be out-manuvered by a skilled tactician. Rumors exist of older, larger varieties.

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