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Kizmia's Island is a small island located due north of Puddleby Island. The island is named after a mysterious woman by the name of Kizmia, about whom not much is known other than her homesite on the island. The name of the isle is often abbreviated to "KI" for convenience. Before it was Kizmia's Island, exiles referred to the island as either Lyfelidae Island or Umbrion's Island (see below).

The primary inhabitants of the island are strange creatures by the name of Lyfelidae. The Lyfelidae are diseased creatures that appear to be cats during the day, but assume a humanoid shape during the night, when they grow in strength. Unwary and unlucky exiles can contract Lyfelidaeism. Most Lyfelidae are hostile, but there is one Lyfe by the name of Groar! who will not attack exiles.

Other inhabitants of the isle include a tricky witch by the name of Fat Alice and the wizard Umbrion, who make their homes on the Western and Southern coasts of the isle, respectively.

The island is surrounded by waters infested with Giant Carnivorous Plankton and other sea creatures, and has three landings--one on the West side, one on the South side, and one on the East. The Western and Eastern landings lead to small coves that are popular hunting areas. Pushing deeper into the island is recommended only for strong and knowledgeable exiles in groups, since the only exit once an exile fully enters the isle is to the far north, and requires crafting a raft out of a barrel of tar and two logs of wood.

The island was once shrouded by a powerful illusion created by Umbrion. In the Winter of Year 541, the illusion magics began to fail. At first, only Mystics talented in dispelling illusions could set foot on the island, but with Spring's arrival the magics weakened so much that ordinary exiles were able to land on its shores. The illusions of other 'brion brothers have met a similar fate. An exit had not been discovered at this point, so hunting on its shores guaranteed a depart.

Ever since Rowl's defeat the island has been plagued by earthquakes. A delegate from Umbrion once claimed that it was citizens of Puddleby who were damaging the island by stationing a portal on its shores. The portal has since been removed, but the earthquakes continue to this day.

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