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A moody witch who resides in an overgrown hut on the coast of Kizmia's Island, Fat Alice is known for her unusual accent and tendency to swindle. In direct contrast to her name, Alice is a wizened and frail figure hunched by age. She clutches a cane and is wrapped in a deep blue shawl. Beneath the swathing of her shawl, shrewd eyes are set deep in her wrinkled green visage.

Fat Alice is a member of a small coven, which includes Beanpole Tammy, Big Meggs, and Large Dee Dee. Their cozy home is resplendent with comfortable furniture, including an amazingly large and downy bed. Their abundant bookshelves are stocked with a variety of tomes, some written in their illegible scrawl and others in unknown languages. The lettering on the spines (which is generally the only decipherable text) concerns magical subjects from black magic to familiars.

The basement of their hut is carved from damp clay and is infested with a variety of overgrown insects, spiders, and snakes. Stinging beetles and cave cobras are the most dramatic of these, though many other species are also in evidence. Abundant patches of mushrooms grow here, but are carefully tended and harvested by the witches.

Fat Alice is an expert forager, gathering both rare and common natural bounty from the island on which she lives. Miraculously, she is able to gather treasures such as Scarmis eggs from their heavily-defended resting places without raising the wrath of the Scarmis who guard them. Alice has boasted about her intimacy with Kizmia's Island, citing her knowledge of paths through the passes, forests, and even beneath the ground of the island as the secret to her unimpeded travel.

Though gathering herbs and other natural products is her pastime, it is also her livelihood. With the materials she finds, Alice creates powerful potions, salves, and protections against disease. Beyond using these on herself, she has sold them and their recipes to the exiles of Puddleby for exorbitant sums of coins and a variety of shiny articles. Rubies, coins, and other glittering possessions aside, Alice is a veteran drinker and enjoys a stiff drink particularly if the drink is a shot of sylvan whiskey.

She is not friendly with any of the 'brion brothers, including her neighbour Umbrion. In one conversation, she recalled chasing away Umbrion's soldiers with her perilous cane. The same cane, seemingly imbued with some dark magic, has served fatal knocks to an assortment of impudent exiles.

After Fat Alice worked with exiles to defeat Rowl, she and her coven sisters returned to their hut, which they'd abandoned during the fray. She now offers a reward to any exile who can kill "24 of dem Cold Lyfes" in 360 minutes.

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