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Feral, disease-ridden cats that populate the forests, beaches, and caverns of Kizmia's Island, Lyfelidae appear as various types of cats during the day, similar to varieties of Maha, Panther, and Cougar. During the night, Lyfelidae have a unique appearance featuring strong, bristle-furred arms and powerfully broad chests. They still retain basic feline characteristics, but are much fiercer and walk on their hind legs. Being killed by a Lyfe, as they are often called, can result in contracting Lyfelidaeism, their disease.

Lyfelidae are not native to Kizmia's Island, although they now outnumber all other species present there. Fat Alice recalls that it was the arrival of Rowl and Groar! that brought lyfelidae. It is likely that they are not a separate species at all, but normal felines infected with the disease.

There are many varieties of Lyfelidae, here arranged by relative strength:

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