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Shafts which lead deep into the mud and rock beneath Melabrion's Passes. Staffed by stout dwarves of Melabrion's employ, the mines function as a supply warehouse for the construction of Mud Golems? and as a place where raw gold and tin ore might be found.

The shafts nearer of the surface of the mine attach to Melabrion's Conference Room, are carved from mud, and infested by a variety of snakes as well as Rippers and Guards that are willing to ignore the beasts but happy to attack visitors.

In the sections of the mines where gold might be found and the shafts are cut through solid rock, a new menace is found. The gold and tin mines are centered in the territory of the Tok'Han, a cunning, serpentine race of considerable power. The miners Melabrion employs are frightened of these beasts and refuse to travel into their domain, so the rocky sections of mine are sealed from the others through Melabrion's magic. This means that exiles brave enough to cross into these tunnels may find unclaimed gold or tin.

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