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Large anthropomorphic snakes that inhabit deep caverns in Peaceton and Melabrion's Mines. Some have been known to cast spells, while others' prowess in battle makes them some of the most formidable foes to be found in the Lok'Grotons. They are thought to have an advanced society and a dark religion that prizes mutilation. Colmert's notes indicate that they are cunningly intelligent, and that they have an intense dislike for light. Whatever causes them to avoid light is the only known reason for their content to remain within their caverns.

Notable is the fact that they seem to have a near-symbiotic relationship with the Blymoids, but little is known about this.

Physically, all Tok'Han have some similarities. All adult, normally developed Tok'han can support themselves on their coiling tails, and maintain an erect posture. Their skin is made up of tiny scales that serve as a slightly reflective armor. Two claw-like hands at the end of their sinewy, muscular arms allow them to capture whatever they desire. Their underbelly is not covered in scales but is tough despite this. Tok'Han have a beak-like head that ends in sharp teeth and a hissing tongue.

Tok'Han commonly abduct sleeping exiles on Peaceton island, so travelers are advised to take caution.

The various types of Tok'Han include:

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