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The Sword of Souls is a cursed blade that seems almost alive, screaming whenever it is equipped or occasionally when used to strike an enemy. The SoS, as it is sometimes called, deals about as much damage as a short sword, but it has much better accuracy.

It is not well understood how the blade works, and some believe that the blade draws its power from the captured souls of fallen enemies. Others theorize that the souls stolen by the blade are collected by Tenebrion for some sinister purpose, since SoS wielders may feel his attention upon them as they use the sword. The truth, however, remains unknown.

The Sword of Souls once was obtainable from one of Tenebrion's Sarirs in exchange for a Purgatory Pendant, but the Sarirs can no longer be found within Tenebrion's Keep. As such, the blade remains very rare.

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