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The Bane of the Black Heart is a clan dedicated to the destruction of the Darshak Theocracy. Its declared mission is to research and document information about the Dar'shak in hopes of finding a weakness that the clan can exploit to end their power. Its name is rooted in the fact that "Dar'shak" means "black heart" in the ancient Sylvan tongue of Ilsardinish.

Research and documentation, in practice, tend to involve killing a lot of things. Members of the Bane tend to be zealously devoted to their cause, and are most often found slaughtering the Dar'shak on Ash indiscriminately in a desperate effort to keep their numbers down. And research them. However, the Bane isn't limited in its methods to brute force - it was also involved in the forging of the first Darkstone, and some members have been known to quietly aid the Dar'shak rebels? as opportunities arise for them to do so.

Bane's roster has remained fairly consistent for many years, and currently includes Indigo, Luna, Tserrtsee, Aravir, Hex, Andarius, Saria, Brune, Diana D'fey?, and Largo. Although the clan is formally headless, Indigo's seniority and staunch dedication to the cause mean she is often looked to as a leader when one is required.

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