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Clans are cooperative social groups formed by exiles. Clans originated on the Mainland, where they were typically familial organizations with political clout, which were later outlawed by the Mad One. Most clans in Puddleby are not based on bloodlines, but are groups of exiles united together for a single purpose.

Active Clans

a Snow Lemming
The Dwarven Militia
Eghorus Rising
Fenix Fire
Hel Tree Order
Laughing Academy
Llehn ryn Rhav'tsath
Neko No Kessha
Open Hands
Order Of The Mini
Order Of The White Elephant
Saffron Serpents
The Sun Dragon Clan
The Arilon Legacy
The Zouclougeist Alliance

Inactive Clans with Active Individual Members

Antiscian Tribe
any clan
Arakeshian Brotherhood
Astral Visions
Astrum Lumini
Bane of the Black Heart
Black Phoenix
Black Unicorn
The Blue Team
The Bloodneko
Clan Destine
The Clan of the Little People
Clan of the Purple Tor
Darkhorse Clan
E'las Loth'mon Ferindril
Evergreen Circle
The Fellowship
The Hobblings
The House of Swech
Ireen Gehlan
The Knights of Ni
Light & Shadow
Lords of the Wamphyrii
Lounge Lizards Inc.
Maximum Rankage
The Moggle Fan Club
The Moon
the Oath?
One Heart
The Order of Akara
The Order of The Black Rose
Order Of The Midnight Sun
Pink Squad
Pirate Clans
Pogue Mahone
Prentis'mon Ferindril
Prophets Of Balance
Puddlebean Ornithological Soc.
Puddleby Intelligence Agency
Public Relations
The Rat Bastards
The Red Quill
Rideo Risi Risum?
Rising Claw
The Rua'n Famkul
The Strahl?
Team Narcolepsy?
Thoom Tabarnak
Tiger Moth
University of Puddleby
The Violent Fens
The Winds of Dawn

Fallen Clans

7 Nin No Samurai
Abominable Bunny Solecism?
Ancestral Recall
The Ancients
Angels of Doom
Brotherhood Of Independents
Choco's Angels
Christmas Tree
Clan Foxy
Clan Less?
The Crafters of Oblivion
The Dark Cloaks
Death Eaters Clan?
Deaths Minions?
The Edarian Alliance
Emperor Mobius's Inquirers
The Fashion Police
The Great Alliance of Ghoraks?
Griffons Army?
The Guard of The Golden Tree
the Harbingers
The Hearts of Tan
Hokuten Knights
The Holy Knights
Holy Metallic Wombats Inc.
House Carroch
Knights of the Watch?
Les chercheurs
The Lost Ones
Loyalists to The Ascendancy
Maggot Corps?
Minions of Ezi?
The Musketeers?
The Oracle of Colaka
The Order?
The Order of Claw and Fang?
Puddleby Baywatch?
R.U.L.Y. Mob
Raiders of the Underground
Red Nine
The Red Quiii
The Sacred Conclave?
Scholars of the Blade
Sect of the Rising Fenix
Shamhat's Walking Wallets
Silent Servants?
The Silver Drake
The Sisters of Benevolence
Sisters of the Sun
Super Nubs!
tree huggers association
Trrn The Zo Killing Machine\\

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