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The Fellowship of the Red Quill is a clan dedicated to the discovery and preservation of knowledge of the land we live in. Whether for good or ill, it does not seek to make judgements about this knowledge, but rather respect it for its own sake. It seeks knowledge upon all matters, whether religious, cultural, historical or geographical, and welcome to our ranks any who will join with it in this search.

However, it recognises that contributions to the search for knowledge come in many shapes and forms. There are those who actively seek out new knowledge, even at great risk to themselves. There are others, equally dedicated to this search, whose goal is rather to protect those who actively seek, and to preserve them from harm as far as they may. And there are those who, rather than search out knowledge in the academic disciplines, seek out rather the inherent knowledge in the beauties and forms of artistic expression; in music and dance, in painting, poem and literature.

Thus the Fellowship is divided into three Halls, each with its own leader and codes of conduct.

The Hall of Seekers is composed of those who actively seek out new knowledge about our world and our island home.

The Hall of Defenders contains those whose mission it is to provide support for the other Halls, to protect them while they search, and aid them in times of need.

The Hall of Artists contains those whose contributions lie in artistic fields of endeavour.

But in whatever Hall its members sit, their aims are the same, and they stand united in a single noble Fellowship.

Currently active members of the Red Quill include Afrit, Kani, Phineas, and Yhoo.

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