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"Exiled for breaking the Emperor's nose."

The Capital of the Empire was--is--very cosmopolitan, with all the races present and mingling--but languages other than the Emperor's were forbidden. Many non-Humans bitterly resented this and made active efforts to keep knowledge and use of these languages alive and healthy.

These activities usually took place in underground clubs--sometimes many levels underground. There, lessons would be taught, poetry and stories would be read, or often, just simple, everyday conversations would be held.

It was at meetings like these that one would often find Yhoo, a shy but rebellous child of academics, who refused to commit to any respectable course of study that would lead to a career. Thus it was that while still a young adolescent, Yhoo fell in with 'a bad crowd', who soon introduced her to the highly illegal Forbidden Languages clubs, which she patronised semi-regularly, sometimes skipping school or sneaking out at night.

One early morning, the club which Yhoo was in was raided by Empire enforcers. Yhoo was among the few who escaped. Still a little tipsy on a little honey ale and a little dazed from a good deal of secondhand kudzu smoke, she came up with the idea of hiding from the roving guards on the street by climbing onto a nearby statue of the Emperor.

Of course, this did nothing but attract attention to herself. Guards swarmed the statue, and in the process of pulling Yhoo off, the nose of the Emperor's statue was chipped off when a guard's weapon inadvertently struck it.

And so, Yhoo was exiled. Though terrified at first, she eventually accepted her new life and new home, falling back on her old habits, never committing to a profession but instead learning a bit of anything still open to the unprofessioned. Over time, she has accumulated a surprising number of skills--but never advertises or promotes them, other than the row of patches she has sewn down one sleeve, a private record of the skills she has learned.

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