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With a total of thirty Fen members and one Moggle, one Zorglub, one Matt, Neko No Kessha is among the largest active clans of Puddleby. Members have recently adopted red and black colors to represent their clan. Any Fens interested in joining the ranks of Neko No Kessha should contact any member in the lands. ROAR™!!! We are bullfighters!

The clan holds regular hunts on most days starting at 20:15 eastern time. The hunts are not exclusive to NNK members only and many of our friends or exiles who are just looking to have a good time are encouraged to join the hunts.

Check out Neko No Kessha's scrolls!


{8}Suu'ub III (Papisuu)


{8}Killian (Killah)
{8}Lister (Super six-four)
{8}Tabatha (Tabby seven-tails)


{6}Aryton (Fairy)
{7}Aye'Cha (ChaCha)
{7}Gold Moon (GM)
{8}Leinis (Lioness)
{8}Lightbringer (Elbee)
{8}Megan (Meggerumi)
{8}Nyla (Super six-one)
{7}Rubix (Rubicks)

Honorary members: Amberdrake (Super 6-suck), BlindkanC, Cammie, Darkmos (Mossy), Downyfoot, ^Special assitant to hunt leader Elenis Reyav, Gustave (Goose), Jade, Kisa, Koraleva, Lov'sya, ^Special Agent Sloppy Joe, ^General Turalyon

^Some honorary members have shown such extraordinary dedication to clan commitments that they have been rewarded with titles.

Pirate Clans Affiliated
Proudly Affiliated With The Pirates of Lok'Groton
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