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The Dwarven Militia (commonly abbreviated DM) is the second oldest clan in Puddleby, and by all accounts the largest. The clan is themed around dwarven culture and all it implies: the quest for riches, martial prowess, and glory; unwavering opposition of Emperor Mobius and all foes of Puddleby; and jovial enjoyment of good drink.

Their oft-heard battle-cry is "BEER!"

Membership is not restricted to dwarves, but is open to anyone of any race who exemplifies the dwarven spirit. However, members must speak the dwarven language.

In addition to impromptu and regularly-scheduled weekly meetings and hunts, the Dwarven Militia has been involved in many larger activities and projects. The clan initiated the Castle Alliance; it has been a active competitor and a long-time reigning champion of Dun'ilsar; it invented and organized Puddleby's first 'lympics (the Volympics) two years in a row; it wrote the official Dwarven History scrolls; and it successfully lobbied for a Brewery builder.

There are currently 52 active members: Astral Duck, Brana doch daha, Callus, Connie Crete, Consul, Darth Wader, Dave, Downyfoot, Florin, Fundin, Gimli, Glaurung, Grog, Grumble, Hawkthorn, Hoggle, Humbaba, Jenna, Jotran, Kelfer, Koyer, Krandor, Kyloter, Lestus, Lofar, Loke, Mablum, Mandos, MaryJane, Math, Mehan, Mongo, Nesse, Oblivion, Petlor, Pookoiko, Prinkus, Rodan, Rusty, Ruuk, Sensi, Shard, Shrub, Skirwan, Sonndyh, Stonehead, Torgon Pisk, Tuzar Bloodblade, Warplet, Weihenstephan, Whim, and Yotaro. Clan records list 26 additional inactive members known to still exist in the library.

The first Clan Lord of the Dwarven Militia was Bobwa (now known as Jono), followed by Doli (now known as Stinkfist) and Warplet. After the Great Forgetting wiped out all clan registration, the Dwarven Militia was re-formed by the brothers Math and Warplet. Currently, the clan has an elected council consisting of Warplet, Math, Gimli, Skirwan, and Hoggle. Warplet is the Clan Lord.

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