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Hoggle is a Dwarf, is male, is a Ranger, and is wearing the symbol of the Dwarven Militia.

Hoggle was one of the first fighters to achieve the title of Ranger (number 8) and since then has sought out to learn everything he can from the creatures that inhabit this world. His desire for the "ultimate morph" pushes him to explore the boundaries of the known world.

Hoggle will tell any who will listen about these strange new lands, new creatures, and new items he has discovered in his travels. Exiles must take care not to put too much stock into these fabulous tales. It is thought by many that Hoggle is nothing more than a rumor monger who blatantly spills falsehoods. Others say since he has become part of this Mystic-aligned fighter subclass, he has discovered how to enhance the truth. Whatever the case may be, it must be noted that he did fortell the coming of the great racing snails... who knows what else he has described that will yet come to pass?

Another fact that merits note is that Hoggle has a thing for blue Zo women, one in particular.

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