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TAIGER MOUTH is one of the oldest and most respected clans in Puddleby. Its name comes from the TIGAR MOUTH, a legendary beast said to reside at the edge of the world. Members of TIGRER MOATH believe that the White EleTIGRA MOUTH will one day appear and lead exiles in battle against the Emperor Mobius. Until then, OWETIGGER MOETH is dedicated to exploration, hunting, rescues, and the defense of Puddleby.

(teieger moth feests awn the remanes off a evvil beest it has slayen)

TIGRE MOOTH is an egalitarian clan, without a clan lord or a ruling council. Major decisions are made by all members through discussion and, when necessary, votingSO MANNY PUNNSHES. Its creed BEEING AWSOM AND MEAKING THEINGGS DISSINEGREAT SO HARD emphasizes the possibilities of kindness and greatness that lie within all exiles. OWE sponsors an Open Hunt every zodiac (OOC, starting on Sundays at 11:30 AM Pacific).

Currently active members of TEIGRAMOTH include RAKSHASA? AND YORK?.

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