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Order of the White Elephant is one of the oldest and most active clans in Puddleby. Its name comes from the White Elephant, a legendary beast said to reside at the edge of the world. The legend says that the White Elephant will one day appear and lead a battle against Emperor Mobius. Until then, OWE is dedicated to exploration, hunting, rescues, and the defense of Puddleby.

Order of the White Elephant is an egalitarian clan, without a clan lord or a ruling council. Major decisions are made by all members through discussion and, when necessary, voting. Its creed fellowship, service, discipline emphasizes the possibilities of kindness and greatness that lie within all exiles. OWE sponsors an Open Hunt every zodiac (OOC, starting on Sundays at 11:30 AM Pacific).

Order of the White Elephant is a member clan of the Castle Alliance.

Currently active members of Order of the White Elephant include Achates, Alces, Artworx, Balbo, Creed, Eli, Galadriel, Habbakuk Lal, Hunter, Jeepers, J'nder, Lucero, Natas, Noivad, Pazuzu, Polgara, Rhymenoceros, Tater, Terise duMiroir, Torin, Valtrim, Yor, and Zin.

Elephant art at top right by Manx

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