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5/23/15 11:11:36p Zelkhorn says, "you are my new king."

Kisa says hello, and Noi is a dick about it ( PC noivad wrote this so it's cool :)

by Kisa

Kisa saves Noivad, and splatters blood on his boots

by Kisa

the first sketch ever done of Noi (August 2000) *note the Black Unicorn clan cloak clasp

Noivad is a Sylvan, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of Order of the White Elephant.

Noivad was exiled sometime before 535. He was wanted for political speech against the Empire. Before his exile, Noivad was the son of a king of a small kingdom deep in the forest. He excelled in reading and writing as a child and began to read plays and books from the world far and wide. He dreamed of one day visiting all those places he had read about, and began making up plays with his sisters and brother. While the others outgrew the plays, Noivad stayed focused on them and performed small plays for the court.

Noivad also studied politics, poetry, music, philosophy, science, justice, battlefield strategies and tactics, etiquette, governing, economics and kingdom law. It was a very sheltered and fine life. He was made to study all these things because it was assumed he would become the next ruler. However, Noivad wanted no part in court life and rule. Instead, he wanted to entertain people and expand his mind.

Noivad decided to leave the kingdom that had so long been his shelter, and struck out on his own. He found little use for his knowledge, most of it being related to a royal's life rather than a commoner's. He travelled as far as his money could carry him, and ended up in the northern most reaches of the continent. After his money ran out, he had to take odd jobs, sweeping up, making candles, and eventually fell into guard duty for a Fen'neko city far north. It paid well, and he could have a very flexible schedule.

Noivad often went to small plays and gatherings of an artistic nature. It was there he met Golinshot Arsenath, a human actor who had been visiting with a travelling show. For the month that Golinshot was there, they often traded stories, acting tips and ideas for plays. Golinshot convinced Noivad he could have a much more rewarding life if he came with him when he left. So, Noivad joined the travelling show.

The show had no lack of entertaining ways to spend one's time. From plays to music to men showing their mastery over the beasts of the field to fire eating, knife throwing, archery, clowns, mysticism, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists and contortionists, the show had it all. The travelling troupe would travel the Western continent entertaining people of all types. The traveling show was very successful being one of the few that spanned the continent and performed for kings and queens as well as commoners.

It was during his time performing plays that Noivad started writing plays. At first they were simple, inoffensive entertainment from children's plays complete with puppets, to adult dramas with exotic settings. He rose fairly quickly to become the leader of the acting troupe because of his skill with people and his drive to make entertainment art. Because of his interest in philosophy and the sciences, he became good friends with the show's Mystic. They talked at length about the nature of the universe.

All was well for Noivad again, except for one small thing. Slowly, as he travelled the continent, he began to see the effects of the Emperor's laws and policies. Villages were stagnant. Trade was restricted or regulated to the point where small merchants couldn't afford the duties imposed by the Empire and each city or kingdom. Women and children unable to afford taxes on their lands were tossed into the street. Apartments filled with the newly poor, and vacancies were becoming scarce in some areas. Apartment building owners became rich on the backs of the poor. Mining was less profitable because there was a heavy levy on raw material -- material that made the Emperor's Elite Army, the Sentinels. Citizens who had barely committed certain crimes were starting to be exiled, more for their beliefs than any actual crime.

Noivad began to write plays that indirectly criticized the Empire and were very critical of the Emperor. After a few years word of his plays reached the inquisitors' ears. Noivad was dragged before the inquisitors during a stop in a Thoomish market town and sentenced to exile.

In Puddleby, Noivad found no plays and no guard duty. He decided to become an adventurer, and make his fortune there. Noivad met Jade Azure? the first year he was in exile, and they became fast friends. Jade invited him to his new clan, Black Unicorn, and Noivad joined and set up the Draka system, and mentoring system. He quickly learned strategy from his friends such as Urgelt?, and started teaching his own mixture of fighting styles and techniques to whomever wanted to learn. One day, when someone had committed a crime, Noivad successfully got the stolen item back to its owner in less than a day. It was at this time he realized this lawless town needed someone to act as a protector for the innocent.

Together with his roommate, Marfisa, they started a campaign to make Noivad Sheriff. After several years of talking to various exiles and campaigning, Noivad was finally elected by a small majority. Since then there haven't been any serious challengers to Noivad's role as Sheriff.

It was during his campaign that he left Black Unicorn. Noivad was largely clanless for a year or two. Then he decided to join a clan where many of the members were his friends, Order of the White Elephant.

Noivad was a member of the Pitch Assault Group, joining just months before the group discovered the second path finding book. He is now one of the few pathfinders with expertise gleaned from all three of the known pathfinding books and Trillbane. Currently, he is most often seen on Lorikeets daily hunts.

As Sheriff of the Puddleby Police Department, Noivad had appointed just under 10 deputies, including Pun'isher, Nyx? and most recently Shalyn and Nyla.

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