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Black Unicorn (BU) is a close-knit clan of friends, and one of the oldest clans of Puddleby. BU was founded by Jade Azure (later known as Azure) and Noivad. Noivad divided the clan members into five "Classes", Celestial (also symbolized Spirit), Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, for members who have different strengths and interests. Each Class had 5 members and one leader (known as a Draka), and each member had a “sub-class.” So, a member could be in the Water Star and have an Earth Subclass which would be denoted in their Clan Badge which consisted of a crest in the shape of a shield with a black unicorn on two legs on a field of their class color.






Clan Ideology: Kyros Of The Black Unicorn

The Balance of the Elemental Spirits

The four Elementals and the Black Unicorn are powerful forces that form & shape our universe. When in Harmony with them, they can crystalize our perceptions; when in discord with them, they can distort our reality. Each holds a critical function in the world, and establishing balance between these forces is the key to attain and maintain the body, mind and spirit. Through daily harmonisation with each of the Elementals followers balance each of the Elementals in their soul. Once balance between these forces is achieved, the follower gains further understanding of their environment and furtherment towards inner peace and true enlightenment. Harmonisation is also a symbol of thanks to the Elementals for keeping them, their friends and family safe for another day.

Harmonisation also guides the followers thoughts and actions to use the knowledge they have learned in the art of combat. This harmonisation allows the follower, after time to act on pure instinct alone, guided by the elementals, yielding reactions beyond the physical, allowing the completely balanced spirit unprecedented skills in combat.

The Birth of the Black Unicorn

Several hundred years ago an ancient faith of the most holy order lie in a secluded valley within the kingdom of S'pire. Peace and tranquility prevailed. Until the raids started. The neighboring kingdom of Darlank, under the tyranny of their self-appointed King Merlos became jealous of S'pires wealth. Month after month Merlos's men would sweep the mostly undefended smaller border villages of S'pire, pillaging and raising all that lived there; carefully weaving a path of destruction around the well guarded citadels, always fleeing across the border again when reinforcements arrived, safe in the knowledge that the mostly peaceful people of S'pire would not strike back against the kingdom of Darlank within their own bounds.

The Church of the Five Faiths was among these. Time and time again this small faith would be at the mercy of evil forces, and it's once prosperous following dwindled, almost driven to the point of extinction.

One autumn day, again the Church of the Five Faiths was left in near ruins, everything the people held in faith destroyed. With heavy hearts the remaining faithfuls started to rebuild everything they believed in.

It was then, that one man stopped. He stood and gazed vacantly at the sky for a moment, and then, boldly, confidently, started to speak. "How much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be destroyed? How many times are we going to let them take what we hold so dear, and not raise so much as a hand? How many times are we going to restart our lives again for no reason, and pretend that it won't happen again?" "No more!!!" He paused, and picked up a sword that lie in the ruins. [Picking up a weapon of destruction was strictly against the faith]. "From this point on, I am going to fight for what I believe in, to defend all that is good and sacred, to see that the shadows of evil never again cast themselves across these shattered walls, that we shall no longer live in fear. Now who will join me?"

Several members of the faith responded, and at that point they started a legend, a small band of men and women, training intensely in combat and the mystic arts, but following their respective sacred beliefs in as much influence, learning from all around them. And as their successes grew, so did their numbers. Slowly but surely they started chapters in other villages, defenders of all that is good, haunted by the memories of friends and family, fallen to the enshadowed blades of evil. Unafraid to do what is necessary to protect the innocent, and to uphold the rights of the free. And from the ashes of the Five Faiths, they came to be known by their own name, Clan of the Black Unicorn.

Current Members

Some members of Black Unicorn are PureHeaded, PureHeart, PureHeat, PureHeaven, PureHeavin, PureHelp, and PureHero.

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