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A legendary pathfinder, mentioned both by the Marsh Hermit and by Katpus.

From these sources, it has been suggested that Trillbane is one of the finest pathfinders to have travelled the lands.

Deep beneath the Foothills, two volumes of his pathfinding knowledge have been found. As well as these thorough notes written in his name, he is a collector of rare books. At least some of these books are ruined in the subterranean tunnels that now serve as a den of Arachnoids. These notes have served to teach many advanced pathfinding students.

At long last, Trillbane's home deep within the Orga Stronghold has been discovered, and advanced pathfinders lucky enough to reach him may be trained further by the master himself.

Trillbane's Trip to Puddleby: 48 Winter, 568

After being located by Mystics on forays previous, and reached once by tremendous effort, Trillbane was again sighted by exiles as the Orga chieftain, Bartok, dragged his fallen body on a chain. As Bartok entered his king-sized hut on the upper plateau of the Orga Stronghold, Trillbane was left at the door. The exiles in the group, a coalition of both EAT and PAG, secured the area and brought Trillbane back to health within the cavernous hut interior.

As he spoke, which he did at length, his obsession with the personal library he'd built became clear. All of the books discovered by exiles throughout the Pitch and Slate Caves were from his private collection, many obtained from friends and acquaintances. In passing, he mentioned Dethus—apparently an old friend of Trillbane's, but now long-sinced retired as a master teacher in Puddleby's Fighter Guild Hall.

Leaving the Stronghold, his consummate ability became clear: He lead the group through a path that even the eyes of the keenest pathfinders among the collective had not been able to discern. From the Orga Village (which Trillbane described as having been the outskirts of his own city), Puddleby was only a few steps away.

When arrived at Puddleby, he seemed somewhat unimpressed, with his first comment upon arrival questioning where the town was of which many had spoken. Despite being underwhelmed by the town and its libraries (worthless, in his words), Trillbane taught other advanced pathfinding students who found him in Town Center.

When taken on a trip afield to visit one of the fragments of his library, Trillbane revealed that the books attributed to him as an author were actually written by Giayl, his best student and the only known to surpass his pathfinding ability. After surveying those scraps of his library, Trillbane parted ways again, returning to his hermit's wanderings and search for his lost books.

Related Notes: Falinea's Tale, which chronicles the destruction of a peaceable civilization by the fire and earthquakes of marauding Orga, may share that cataclysm in common with history related by Trillbane. Though Trillbane purported to only know of the Centaurs on "that nearby island," it seems possible to this editor that they once co-existed on Puddleby Island.

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