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An Orga settlement past the Orga Outback. It is comprised of three sections, the first (northeast) of which holds the majority of the dwellings. It is defended by a variety of Orga, including many that cast lightning and often quite a few Big Red Orga.

The southern part of the village is often the most docile, and holds paths leading to many other Orga territories, including various regions of the Outback and Snagglewood. One path is an exit back to the Orga Camp. There is also a path to a well from which one can access a section of the taproot cave.

The northwestern section of the Orga Village is by far the most heavily defended, often home to several Dredlocks and large death vermine. It is split by a river running north to south, and there is a flower patch in which one can sometimes find Uli flowers to the southwest. Be wary when crossing the river, for it will often spring a trap.

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